Rural estates

There are few projects with more design freedom than a home on a rural retreat. We adore the country and working on homes in regional areas is our passion. Working in both modern and traditional forms we are inspired to bring sprawling vistas into frame, and also keep the bugs out when we need to.

Bush retreat - Glenworth Valley

Located on an idyllic site within a deep valley carved through Hawkesbury sandstone cliffs, this home is designed to respond to extremes of heat and cold within its humid microclimate. The building's palette of recycled timber, glass, sandstone and steel responds to its natural environment, reflecting a design language synonymous with the Australian bush.

Rural retreat - Central Coast

This sprawling home captures the essence of rural Australia, while providing a level of luxury and amenity more akin to grand urban locales. Despite its vast proportions, the residence sensitively manages its energy, water and waste requirements to the extent that it can be autonomous to local 'mains' systems. Design strategies such as passive solar design and natural cooling via thermal mass allow this home to sit softly within its landscape and respond to rural resource restrictions.

Rural Pavilions - Dural

Inspired by the Palm Springs party homes of California by the likes of Richard Neutra et al, this mid-century modern inspired home is the supreme rural retreat of one of Sydney's premier builders. With free will to design for an active and social family, this spreading home nestles into its hillside local and terraces the landscape with its large cantilevered roof and counterbalancing masonry blades. Stage one now completed at a cost of around $4000 per m2.

Manorina - Hunter Valley

Although yet to be built, this passively designed rural retreat draws from its environs with locally sourced materials including spotted gum cladding and speaks to its rural roots with raw finished structural and corrugated steel. It's simple form allows its generous views full justice, and will serve as the ideal getaway. Cost approx. $2500 perm2.

Courtyard House - Wagga Wagga

This 7 star passive home, whilst more than generous in its proportions, responds to the low undulating plains of Waggas rural district. By using natural finishes of concrete, timber, and glass it echoes the rural palette of rusted iron and the utilitarian approach of locally sourced material. Cost around $5000 per m2.

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