And with the integral character of extending vistas gained by marrying buildings with ground levels, or blending them with slopes and gardens; yes, it is in this new sense of earth as a great human good that we will move forward in the building of our new homes. Frank Lloyd-Wright (circa 1930)

As Frank Lloyd-Wright, the visionary architect, so clearly set the environmental standards of building design, we engage Sanctum or the creation of sanctuary as the basis of our design philosophy - to develop buildings that create opportunities for improved living comfort and to nurture harmony between natural and built environments. Our buildings are designed to create feelings of retreat and privacy and interact appropriately with their outdoor environment.

Sanctum upholds this philosophy by analysing each building site's local context, climate, topography and outlook. This detailed appraisal allows us to design homes that exploit natural heating and cooling processes to maximise comfort levels for occupants and respond visually and physically to local conditions.

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