Commercial and multi-unit

We don’t just work on individual homes. Our work also covers hospitality and tourism projects, medium density development and special use buildings. Here are a few recent projects to sample.

Multi-function Building - Glenworth Valley

Capturing the expansive views and atmosphere of the majestic Glenworth Valley, this project has evolved from a modest brief for an assembly hall, then expanded to cater for increasing international tourism demands for the unique facilities at the Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventure Centre. In this project a dramatic butterfly roof connects the expansive outdoor terrace to the valley views, whilst north facing glazing, two-way fireplaces and interior detailing by Luchetti Krelle, allows this building to respond to its beautiful environment whilst catering for restaurant patrons, weddings and conferences with a contemporary and luxurious rural aesthetic. Watch the virtual tour

Sustainable townhomes - Lane Cove

These residences in Lane Cove on Sydney's Lower North Shore illustrate how considered design and materials can create an idyllic and sustainable suburban haven. With a design brief that embraced the full range of environmentally sustainable design strategies, these homes feature passive solar design, low energy use, reduced embodied energy, high indoor air quality and high water retention through storage and landscape design. This project won the BPN Sustainability Award for multi-unit residences in 2010 and the Multi Residence category for the Abode House of the Year awards in 2012.

Kiosk - Pilu restaurant

Pilu at Freshwater just oozes with the joy of great food and its setting brings the surfside lifestyle together with Sardinian treats from Chef Giovanni Pilu. Our brief was to extend the existing kiosk (which we designed earlier) and create an outdoor bar and cafe area worthy of its setting. With its heritage listing, we needed a restrained approach to this northern beaches icon. In response, we employed a simple utilitarian form to echo the lean-to's of the era and form the all important "al-fresco" seating zone. With a redesigned kitchen, servery and bar – Pilu baretto now breathes in the beach vistas and salty air -a real must for a Sunday afternoon refreshment!

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