Pre-designed homes

Our collection of contemporary, pre-designed homes reflect a sophisticated aesthetic and set new benchmarks in adaptability, affordability, functionality, sustainability and buildability.

Why build a pre-designed home?

Building one of Sanctum's pre-designed and pre-costed homes allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a fully custom designed home, without the variables often associated with the custom design process. It is an investment into your future, not just the present, as our pre-designed homes are built stronger, require less maintenance, are more energy efficient and are simply more comfortable to live in.

Our client's value the time and effort we invest into every home we build and understand that our homes are more than a facade... a great family home requires knowledge, integrity, detail and functionality - to which are the cornerstones of our design and construction services.

Please contact us for more information about our standard pricing and inclusions.

Upside Down House Mod House Tilt House Pod House Breeze House Light House Tatami House e.Box


Our pre-designed homes cater for diverse family needs. We understand a family home must be flexible these days to accommodate a range of residents, from newborns to teenagers to young adults to grandparents. Also, many people work from home, which throws up its own set of requirements. With zoned bedrooms and bathrooms and flexible living, study and nursery areas, our home designs respond to the changing dynamics of modern families.


We have found many ways to make our homes more affordable. Our compact and adaptable floor plates and modular design solutions maximise available space and structural efficiency and contain building costs. Our highly-resolved design solutions minimise development costs, such as council and consultant fees and site excavation expenses, to name a few. By specifying modern construction materials and techniques, we more efficiently use labour and resources. By partnering with suppliers, we increase our purchasing power for building materials, fittings and trades.


Our adaptable, modular designs mean floor plans can be manipulated to accommodate personal needs. Living spaces are connected to north-facing gardens and courtyards (or 'outdoor rooms') to maximise their usage all year round. Garages are designed as pleasant spaces that can be easily transformed into another study, rumpus room or teenager's retreat. Customised home technology and communications systems are pre-wired for future advancements in equipment and media. Our fit-out options also accommodate a range of storage solutions for bicycles, surfboards, tools and garden equipment.


Our pre-designed homes suit a range of site orientations and maximise passive solar heating, natural cooling and ventilation to create natural, non-conditioned comfort. Our highly-insulated envelopes use sustainable, certified products and proprietary building systems to increase construction efficiency. By specifying 'healthy home' options, we eliminate harmful chemicals found in some materials. Waste-conscious processes and procedures reduce our consumption of resources during construction. High-performance window and louvre systems and integrated shade solutions combine to manage the home's energy requirements and limit fluctuations in energy costs and climatic conditions.


Our pre-designed homes are easy to build. Our uncomplicated, flexible forms range from 200-350m2 in size and can be constructed on the steepest of sites. Importantly, our homes are designed to meet all council requirements for development and construction. Our palette of building materials is refined to include timber panels, laminated veneer lumbers and lightweight construction systems, while components such as flashings and guttering systems are streamlined to suit our minimal forms. Internal layouts can be varied to reconfigure living spaces and bedrooms, however the overall building envelope does not need to change.